Trivia Night with Quizmaster N8Brain


Join us every Wednesday night for our Live Hosted Team Trivia game starting at 8pm. Quizmaster N8 Brain will be hosting this event and creating new, challenging and interesting questions every week.

The features of this game are thus:

  • Team Trivia with a max of 8 people per team.
  • There will be 6 rounds of questions with each round having 2 categories.  We will almost always have set categories each week that consist of: Music, Movies, TV, Sports, Literature, Mystery and Google Foo.
  • At least one round of questions will be themed each week.
  • Each team will have a chance to pick one category in which they can double their points, but beware wrong answers in a double category will count against you.
  • Google Foo is a round of questions where you get to use your smartphone to find the answer.  I will show you an answer and you will have to figure out what the question and or search terms I used to arrive at the answer.
  • N8 Brain will asking one of his patented Super Hard Questions at the end of the regular game.  The team or person that answers this question will receive a gift card that goes up $10 for every week that it is not answered.  Answering this question does not go towards your points for the regular game that night.  It is a bonus game which is independent of the rest of trivia.  N8Brain will read all of the incorrect answers given in the event that no one answers the question correctly that night.  He will also be giving a new hint every week.  Make sure you are there for all of the trivia games, because the jackpot can get really high and you never know when someone will figure it out.
  • The two highest scoring teams at the end of the game will receive a gift card to Lion & Bull.

The use of electronic devices and phones is prohibited unless otherwise noted.  All disputed questions or answers will be ruled on by our quizmaster.  The ruling of our quizmaster is non negotiable and set in stone.

Good luck, good answering and above all else have fun.

Quizmaster N8 Brain

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