Karaoke & Contest



Join us every Thursday night for Karaoke and a Karaoke Contest.  Music starts at 8. Lion & Bull has a state of the art sound system with a professional sound board to make you sound great.  We also have stage monitors, just like the pros, so you can actually hear yourself on stage.


Our Karaoke Contest is a weekly contest with prizes given on a quarterly basis.  You do not need to be a good singer to win.  We will be giving three prizes at the end of every quarter.  The singer with the most points, a randomly drawn singer and an actual contest for best singer.

Points are awarded to every person who sings.  Additional points will be awarded if you sing a song in our weekly theme.  We will also draw one singer out of all our singers that night for bonus points.

Every quarter we will pick our top ten (or more) singers to compete in our contest with the best singer winning a prize.  We will award a prize to the singer with the most points for the quarter and randomly draw a singer to receive another prize.  Singers must be present on the assigned date to win.

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