Perform at Lion & Bull


Thank you for considering Lion & Bull, one of Northern Virginia’s premier live music venues. The Haymarket area is ideally located for routes between Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta and Nashville. If you’re considering playing in the area, or are looking for a place to play as you pass through, this is it!

Lion & Bull has a “state-of-the-art” in-house sound system and provides a professional sound engineer for Friday and Saturday night performances. We have the capability to record your performance and provide you a copy, should you desire one. The sound system is designed for the room where the performance is held.  It is mandatory that artists performing follow the direction of the sound engineer at all times.  This will afford the listening audience to hear you at your best and allow us to control the decimal level in the room for our patrons listening pleasure and comfort. Most drummers will be required to use a house provided drum shield, due to the audio characteristics of the room.  This will be a determination of the sound engineer and management prior to the performance.  Generally, everyone must use the shield the first time they perform at Lion & Bull.

Please mail your promotional package to 5351 Merchants View Square, Haymarket, VA 20169 ATTN: Booking Department. Your promo pack should include:

  • Contact Information
  • A Band Bio including your musical style (Covers, Originals, Genres)
  • Typical Set Lists or Song Portfolio
  • A Demo CD or a CD of a live performance
  • A list of other venues the band has played with references
  • Website information

We receive dozens of applications each week. We only have limited time to review them. It may be several months before we have a suitable opening. You will probably not hear back from us until we have an opening. For additional information or to speak directly with booking management, please call Ron Miner at (703) 754-1166 or Info at . Right click and select save as to download the stage plot in PDF form.